Seven Ways Pharmacists are Like Moms


Happy Mother's Day! Pharmacists, and Moms are alike in so many ways!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Pharmacist Moms out there!

Although being a Mom also comes with certain jobs that a pharmacist does not do, such as changing diapers, giving baths, and brushing teeth, there are so many characteristics that pharmacists and moms share. Here are some qualities of moms that pharmacists also possess.


Moms require tons of patience, for example answering such questions as 'Are we there yet?' over and over.

Pharmacists require the same patience, such as when we answer the question 'When is my prescription going to be ready?' multiple times a day, every day.


According to Forbes magazine, Moms should be charging about $115,000 per year for all the different jobs they do, from cooking and cleaning, to computer operator and CEO.

A pharmacist is constantly multitasking, on the phone while typing a prescription and answering questions at the same time. I think pharmacists are the definition of 'multitasking.'


From pregnancy heartburn all the way to college and beyond, moms are always solving problems for their children.

Pharmacists are some of the best problem solvers out there, dealing with rejection after rejection and other problems such as staffing/scheduling


Moms are able to stay calm under most circumstances. The baby vomits? No big deal—pull out a spare outfit.

Pharmacists work in a very high pressure, fast paced environment, yet remain calm under those circumstances, taking care of patients no matter how many phones are ringing


Most moms I know are natural leaders of their family. It doesn’t matter which parent (or both) brings home the paycheck, Mom is the one to hold it all together. Mom goes away for a weekend? The whole house falls apart.

Pharmacists lead the pharmacy staff, some better than others, but we all lead our awesome crews of pharmacy techs.


Moms seem to show compassion to everyone. Not only their own kids, but others as well. A mom on the playground is always willing to help a fellow mom with a baby wipe or Band Aid.

As pharmacists, we show compassion in how we deal with our patients. No matter how busy we get, we always take the time to help patients, and go the extra mile when needed.


You can do it! Ride a bike. Tie a shoe. Play a sport. Moms are always motivating their kids and wishing for them to succeed.

A pharmacist motivates the team, working closely with techs and interns and helping them improve and succeed! Keep it movin!

Both pharmacists, and moms do so many things, there is not enough time to cover it all!

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