Rite Aid Unveils Value-Focused Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare beneficiaries will have another option for prescription drug coverage this year with Rite Aid EnvisionRx Plus, a value-focused prescription drug plan (PDP) from Rite Aid and EnvisionRx Plus that offers beneficiaries a more consistent pricing structure.

Rite Aid EnvisionRx Plus was designed to compete with the approximately 15 enhanced PDP plans available in each of the 31 states (plus the District of Columbia) where Rite Aid operates. As an enhanced coverage plan from Envision Insurance Company, a national Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan, Rite Aid EnvisionRx Plus offers the following:

  • $0 deductibles before the plan coverage applies
  • $0 co-pays on more than 500 generic medications — even when the beneficiary hits the coverage gap or so-called "donut hole" that can cause members of some PDPs to see prescription costs suddenly spike

Individuals who are new to Medicare Part D benefits—or those already enrolled in a plan—can select a PDP from now through December 7. The open enrollment period will end about a month earlier than in past years so that Medicare officials can process plan choices before the start of 2012, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, which further urges beneficiaries to review coverage every year. As the most common form of the federal program designed to help individuals aged 65 years and older and those with disabilities afford prescription coverage, Medicare Part D PDPs enroll 18.6 million beneficiaries, according to a September report by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in Rite Aid EnvisionRx Plus or check if their regular medications are among the thousands covered by the plan by calling 1 (877) 309-4875, going to the Web site, or consulting with their regular Rite Aid pharmacist. As independent advisors, Rite Aid pharmacists also have access to a Medicare Advisor tool, which generates a printable report estimating the three lowest-cost plans based on the beneficiary's current prescriptions filled at Rite Aid locations. There are approximately 15 enhanced and 15 basic PDPs available in each state, but coverage, rates and selection vary. Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers can also compare plans online at www.riteaid.com/medicareadvisor.