Rite Aid Helps Allergy Sufferers Breathe Easy All Spring and Beyond



Rite Aid is making it easy to manage seasonal allergies with exclusive Rite Aid Allergy coupon booklets, a QR code placed strategically in stores that points smartphones toward local pollen counts and Rite Aid pharmacists ready to counsel on over-the-counter and prescription relief options. On April 28, customers can stop by select Rite Aid stores to get a free screening for the most common allergens.

Customers can access additional allergy resources online at www.riteaid.com including information on different types of over-the-counter allergy products, tips on how to tell the difference between allergies and the common cold, free e-mail alerts on local pollen conditions and additional product savings. Members of Rite Aid's free customer loyalty program wellness+ also have 24/7 access to Rite Aid pharmacists online or via (800) RITE-AID to ensure they have answers to the allergy questions whenever they come up.

"For the millions of Americans suffering from allergies, Rite Aid is offering more ways than ever before to enjoy their spring," said Robert I. Thompson, executive vice president of pharmacy for Rite Aid. "The key to successfully managing allergies starts with awareness, and that’s why we’re especially excited to offer free allergy screenings at select Rite Aid stores this month. Once our customers identify exactly what is triggering their worst symptoms, they can speak with their Rite Aid pharmacists to determine the best option for managing their allergies."

Allergy Screenings

To encourage customers to come into their local Rite Aid to learn more about allergies, Rite Aid is offering free screenings at 100 stores in nine cities known for their spring allergy seasons: Atlanta; Baltimore; Buffalo, N.Y.; Detroit; Harrisburg, Pa.; Philadelphia; and Pittsburgh. Visitors to the April 28 events can get screened by a nurse with a Fluorescent Allergosorbent (FAST) Test for some of the most common allergens including egg, mold, cat, wheat, mountain cedar, dust mite, milk, ragweed and grass.

Coupon Booklets

Free coupon booklets contain 24 coupons worth more than $33 off common allergy products. Coupons are available while supplies last* and expire June 15. Rite Aid has also brought back the popular Allergy Rewards Program where customers earn a $20 Rite Aid gift certificate for every $75 spent on select allergy products.

* No purchase necessary.

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