Reinventing the Drug Information Rotation


Pharmacists can reinvent the drug information experience for students.

Providing an innovative drug information experience to pharmacy students can set the stage for excellent pharmacy skills.

Drug information rotations can take place in various settings, such as a university or hospital. In addition to responding to drug information questions, pharmacy students can participate in a variety of innovative activities, including:

Group journal club

Participating in journal club activities with ambulatory care, community, and hospital rotations can be a great way to evaluate clinical studies. Students can present articles and provide evaluations based on their rotation experiences and how it relates to clinical practice.

Community health fairs

Pharmacy students can provide medication safety counseling using drug information resources. This will provide students with valuable skills that they can use in their pharmacy practice. Additionally, students can provide medication education sessions at senior centers.

Journal article collaboration

Collaborating with pharmacy students on articles can be a very rewarding experience. This collaboration can also continue after the rotation is completed. Writing an article can enhance students’ drug information skills and provide them with a competitive edge for applying to residencies and jobs.

With these innovative activities, pharmacists can reinvent the drug information experience for students.

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