Rebranding Pharmacy: Claim Your Seat at Pharm2Table

Pharm2Table is coming to a computer near you.

Pharm2Table is coming to a computer near you in November.

The focus of the Pharm2Table Virtual Summit is to expose PharmD candidates to 3 significant “tables" and develop actionable steps.

The Pharm2Table summit aims to rebrand the pharmacy profession by reclaiming seats at the following 3 tables:

  • Dinner table: The summit will support discussions about positioning strategies to help reestablish community pharmacy.
  • Healthcare table: The summit will support discussions to develop an innovative approach to next-generation practices.
  • Pharm2Table: The summit will support discussions about strategies and promote exploration of different health care models.

In addition to its speaker lineup, the summit will provide working group time that focuses on following 3 areas:

  • INVOLVEMENT at the PharmD candidate level
  • RECRUITMENT of community pharmacist preceptors
  • INNOVATION in the pharmacy profession

The event is a collaboration of PharmD candidates who desire to own, operate, or work at a community pharmacy upon graduation. Candidates will also have the opportunity to begin their own local Pharm2Table chapter with the hopes to compete for a scholarship that will be announced during the Spring Summit.

Pharm2Table will also serve as a platform for establishing connections among future community pharmacists, networking opportunities, and social media discussion.

Join hundreds of pharmacists and pharmacy students on November 19, 2015, from 5 to 8 pm EST for a virtual summit unlike any the pharmacy profession has seen before.

Get ready to claim your seat at the table!

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