Raising Awareness for the Role of a Psychiatric Pharmacist Provider

Many health systems are still unaware of the role of a psychiatric pharmacist provider. Tera Moore, PharmD, discusses strategies for increasing awareness.

Tera Moore, PharmD, National Program Manager, VA Pharmacy Benefits Management office, discusses strategies for increasing awareness in health systems for the role of psychiatric pharmacist providers.

Tera Moore, PharmD: In a lot of health systems, there’s still an unawareness of the role of the psychiatric pharmacist provider in that advance practice provider role. So certainly marketing strategies, but part of it is looking at the evidence also, and the benefit of having a psychiatric pharmacist provider on the team. And so putting together a business plan, reaching out to other health systems or organizations that have been successful at incorporating, and just really getting a better idea. It also helps when you have other members of the team that have worked with the psychiatric pharmacist provider, whether in a professional training or in past practices, so that they can help describe to the team really how to fully integrate and optimize the medication management that the psychiatric pharmacist provider can come to the table with.

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