QS/1 Offers ESI Rx History Interface


Spartanburg, SC (June 18, 2014) — QS/1 announced it is now offering the ESI Rx History™ interface, a powerful medication reconciliation program allowing healthcare professionals to instantly retrieve a patient’s medication history.

Once setup, the ESI Rx History interface will allow pharmacies to provide a patient’s medication history automatically through QS/1’s PowerLine®. The information is stored on ESI’s repository of retail prescription claims and is electronically delivered by ESI in real time when requested at the patient’s point of care.

“We are excited to offer this new interface,” said Michael Ziegler, QS/1’s Senior Manager for Marketing and Analyst. “Using ESI Rx History will allow pharmacies to add their patient’s information to the database. If the patient ever is admitted to a hospital, this will give doctors immediate access to the most current medications the patient is taking.”

This service not only saves time for the caregiver, but improves accuracy since the medication data is pulled directly from the patient’s information.

“Medical errors can increase during this critical handoff to a hospital or LTC facility,” Ziegler added. “This new interface ensures accurate information is delivered and can speed up the admission process.”