Purdue University College of Pharmacy


West Lafayette, Indiana

Founded: 1884

Class Size: 150 students

The Purdue University College of Pharmacy has been ranked consistently within the nation’s top 10 programs by US News & World Report, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

“Purdue University has been preparing pharmacists for 130 years,” Dean Craig K. Svensson, PharmD, PhD, told Pharmacy Times in an exclusive interview. “We have a rich tradition as one of the leading programs in the nation that provides graduates with a tremendous network across the country and many employment sectors.”

The college is comprised of 3 academic departments: industrial and physical pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, and pharmacy practice.

In 2013, 99% of graduates passed the NAPLEX Board exam on the first attempt, while 2014 graduates received an average of 2 job offers upon graduation.

The college provides students with several opportunities to enrich their education through advanced pharmacy practice experiences, including an 8-week clinical rotation in Kenya. Currently, the school is the only pharmacy program to situate full-time faculty in another country and offer a global health residency. The college also offers postdoctoral fellowships in collaboration with the FDA and pharmaceutical industry.

“We believe a Purdue degree will continue to open doors of opportunity for our graduates throughout their career,” Dr. Svensson said.

Pharmacy studnets are trained in teh various sectors of pharmacy practice, and have opportunities to participate in research fellowships.

Purdue pharmacy students graduate with a PharmD degree or dual PharmD and PhD degrees.

Q: What is unique about your school/program?A: Distinctive features of our program include the leading global pharmacy and industrial pharmacy programs in the nation, our large nuclear pharmacy program, our Center for Medication Safety Advancement, our award-winning faculty, and our on-campus ambulatory pharmacy, through which every student rotates during the first year the program.

Q: What is the teaching/learning style or philosophy?A: Our PharmD program offers an integrated curriculum wherein medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutics are offered in integrated course sequence, bringing basic scientists and practitioners together in instruction. Students are introduced to drug therapy during the first semester of the curriculum. Our program has a rich tradition of training leaders in the academy, practice, and industrial sectors. We have a faculty and staff that are passionate about preparing the next generation of Purdue pharmacists.

Q: What advice do you have for students who will graduate this year?A: Your first job is only the first step in your career. Be open to opportunities that will come your way and be willing to take advantage of open doors that allow you to do something different and challenging. Wherever you find yourself employed, take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to engage in different activities and show yourself a team player and one who is eager to learn and contribute to the organization. Never stop learning and accept new challenges as an opportunity for growth.

As Dean, I have the opportunity to engage with alumni across the generations. One clear theme emerges from these interactions: graduates with the most rewarding careers are generally those who were open to and seized opportunities that came their way. Very few charted the course of their career in advance.

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