PQA's Primary Roles

PQA is described as a "a neutral convener of a multistakeholder base."

Laura Cranston, RpH, CEO of Pharmacy Quality Alliance discusses PQA's primary roles during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.


Laura Cranston, RpH: PQA likes to think of itself not strictly as a measure developer but as a full-fledged quality organization, and as such, we engage in 4 primary activities: measure development and implementation is one, education around health care quality issue, research, and then the hallmark of PQA is that we are a neutral convener of a multistakeholder base. Often times when you are grappling with difficult quality issues the ability of PQA to convene a roundtable base of subject matter experts across stakeholders is really our key distinctive in the marketplace.