Pharmacy Times Continuing Education Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Curriculum


As new testing devices, therapies, and vaccines are approved for COVID-19, patients will be dependent on their health care providers for answers and education.

As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues spreading across the country, Pharmacy Times Continuing Education is launching a 10-part on-demand accredited certificate program for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to apply the CDC’s provider training recommendations.

There have been millions of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 and thousands of deaths in the United States since January 2020, affecting patients of all ages, genders, and races with severity ranging from mild to fatal. The curriculum will help equip pharmacists and technicians with CDC-recommended training as vaccination providers and will highlight the most current prevention strategies, testing options, treatment agents, and the utility of approved and emerging vaccines.

As new testing devices, therapies, and vaccines are approved, patients will be dependent on their health care providers for answers and education. Therefore, select modules of the curriculum will be updated throughout 2021 to ensure participants have the most current information and data.

The series will highlight techniques participants should use when administering the COVID-19 vaccines, approaches to address patient barriers, and ways to debunk myths associated with the virus and available vaccines.

The overall objectives are to outline essentials to understanding management of COVID-19 and the role the pharmacy team can play in testing and identifying patient populations that may be at high risk; to review the different COVID-19 vaccines, the approval process, and best practices for the pharmacy staff including safe and appropriate vaccine administration; and to discuss the COVID-19 recommended preventive measures and treatment options as well as important factors to consider when educating patients and addressing barriers.

The modules can be completed as the full curriculum or as individual activities, although to obtain the certificate of completion all 10 modules must be completed.

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