Pharmacy Thieves Found Snoozing on Their Spoils

Robbing the Jobstown Pharmacy in Dublin was apparently tiring work for 2 suspects, as Irish authorities found them asleep on a pile of stolen money.

Robbing the Jobstown Pharmacy in Dublin was apparently tiring work for 2 suspects, as Irish authorities found them asleep on a pile of stolen money.

Although the 2 men were charged shortly after committing the crime on February 12, 2013, they did not appear in court until recently, according to the Irish Examiner.

Luke Curry, 25, allegedly held open the pharmacy’s security door while his masked accomplice entered the shop armed with a kitchen knife. Pharmacy staff recognized Curry as a customer, which is why they allowed him to enter through the security door, they said.

The armed accomplice, who was not named because he is awaiting trial, allegedly demanded money and drugs from the pharmacy staff. The 2 suspects allegedly left with roughly $500.

Local authorities located the pair at a nearby house, where they observed the suspects sleeping on a couch. Once they entered the house, they found about $350 of the stolen money underneath the accomplice, and then charged both men.

Sentencing has been adjourned until January 2015 to allow the pharmacy staff to prepare victim impact reports.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, 2 pharmacies were robbed within 5 minutes of each other on November 6, 2014.

Mere minutes after a man allegedly tried to rob a local Shopko pharmacy, police received reports of an attempted robbery at a Walgreens in the same town, according to Twin Falls Police have not yet determined whether the incidents involved the same suspect.

The suspect in the Shopko case was described as a 6-foot-tall “older man” wearing a black and gray hoodie, who witnesses saw driving a green SUV. Police could not determine whether the man was armed.

As police interviewed witnesses at the Walgreens, they received a report of a suspicious person at a different Walgreens, though they determined that the individual was not involved in any crimes.

Philadelphia Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly robbed a pharmacy in the city’s Strawberry Mountain section on November 5, 2014.

According to WPVI-TV Philadelphia, a suspect allegedly entered the Cure Pharmacy carrying a gun. He left after grabbing narcotic pills and 4 bottles of oxycodone syrup.

Security measures at a pharmacy and a dentist’s office in St. George, Utah, prevented a man from entering the locations on September 17, 2014.

Kenneth Eric Ogden, 50, pleaded guilty to charges of breaking windows to enter the pharmacy and dentist’s office on November 5, 2014, The Spectrum reports.

Ogden was apprehended at a nearby convenience store, where he allegedly asked to borrow the clerk’s Jeep, then claimed to have a pistol when the clerk refused. He allegedly told officers he was looking for a phone to call an acquaintance, and claimed to have mental health conditions.

His sentencing is scheduled for December 4, 2014.

Law enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are searching a man suspected of robbing multiple pharmacy locations across central Virigina.

According to ABCNews8, the suspect allegedly robbed CVS pharmacies in Henrico, Hanover, Prince William, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, and Hampton. In each case, the suspect demanded oxycodone pills or other narcotics, and displayed a handgun during certain incidents. The thefts occurred in July and August.