Pharmacy School Modifies Admissions to Increase Applicants


Students who have not yet obtained a bachelor's degree can now apply to the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy.

Students who have not yet obtained a bachelor’s degree can now apply to the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy.

The school announced on March 11, 2015, that those working toward a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical studies at an accredited university will be able to apply to Cedarville’s pharmacy program. However, students must first complete a minimum of 72 credit hours, including specific science and math classes and 24 general education credit hours, the school said. Students will also have to participate in an interview in order to be accepted.

Prior to this admissions modification, students either needed to have their bachelor’s degree or be on track to finish it in the first year of the professional program.

Associate Dean Jeffrey Lewis, MACM, said the change stemmed from the idea that more students will be able to apply, creating a more “robust class.”

“We think we are going to have an opportunity to consider a larger pool of student applicants that will increase the strength of each Doctor of Pharmacy class, each of which are limited capacity classes, and that will lead to a stronger overall program for university,” Lewis said in a school press release.

The school noted that undergraduate students who wish to gain a preferred admission status into Cedarville’s professional program will still be able to take the bachelor’s degree tract.

To learn more about the Cedarville University College of Pharmacy, read Pharmacy Times’ interview with Dean Marc Sweeney, PharmD, MDiv.

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