Pharmacy Robber Found Dead Shortly After Stealing Fentanyl


A pharmacy robber was found dead in a van just 3 hours after he stole fentanyl.

A pharmacy robber was found dead in a van just 3 hours after he stole fentanyl.

Adam Townsend, 27, stole 10 fentanyl patches from Dick’s Pharmacy in Twin Falls, Idaho, on December 17, 2015, according to police.

Townsend was named the robber because his shoe matched prints in the snow outside the pharmacy, and his clothes matched those of the robber on the surveillance video, Times-News reported. The box of fentanyl patches were also linked to Dick’s Pharmacy through an identifying mark.

After the incident at the pharmacy, Townsend met Daniel Eugene Quintana, 53, in the van. Later, a 911 caller took note of the van in Buhl, Idaho, and called the police after finding the men.

Quintana was found unconscious in the driver’s seat with a box of fentanyl patches on the floor of the van in between his legs, Times-News reported. In addition, court documents noted that paramedics observed a patch fall out of Quintana’s mouth as they placed a tube down his throat.

Quintana was taken to a hospital and later told police that he had been driving around with Townsend on the day of the robbery. He was arraigned on February 1, 2016, on charges of possession of a controlled substance, and he is now being held in county jail until his preliminary hearing on February 12, 2016, Times-News reported.

Kristine Hove, the mother of Townsend’s children, told Times-News that he was experiencing depression, anxiety, and addiction, and she believed that he robbed the pharmacy in order to obtain supplies to kill himself.

Hove told the paper that Townsend had made efforts to be a good father to their kids recently and had apologized to friends for “stupid things he did while he was on drugs.”

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