Pharmacy Renovation Uncovers Century-Old Love Letter

True love lasts forever-especially if it is in the form of a letter hidden underneath a pharmacy's floorboards.

True love lasts forever—especially if it is in the form of a letter hidden underneath a pharmacy’s floorboards.

During renovations of their pharmacy, Cormac and Irene Deasy uncovered a tattered love note on the third floor.

“We were thrilled to uncover it and now have it proudly on display in our pharmacy,” Irene told The Irish Examiner.

Although there is no date on the letter, the Deasy couple is confident that it is more than 100 years old because that is at least how old the original floorboards are.

“Lift your eyes to mine, my darling,” the note reads. “Let me see the love light…When I’m gone away, will you try and think of me?"

The Irish Examiner noted that some of the lyrics were adapted from a 19th-century poem called “Would You Care.”

There is no name listed for whom the letter was for, but the envelope had the words “John McCarthy” written on it, and the letter is signed by him.

Since the pharmacy had been operated for 3 generations before Cormac and Irene bought it, they said it would be hard to find out more about who wrote the letter. Irene hypothesized that the writer could have been a soldier or guest in the Williams Hotel, which had been attached to the pharmacy.

Renovations also revealed antique mortars and pestles, scales, and medicine bottles.