Pharmacy Jobs in Unique Places


Pharmacists can find a job anywhere in the world.

My dream in pharmacy school was not to pursue residency, obtain board certification (though I did obtain it), or be a "clinical practitioner." It was to move somewhere with incredible diving and outdoor sports and work in a profession I love. I did just that, living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 3 years and then on Maui for 2 years, and getting to practice in both community and long-term-care pharmacy.

When I moved to Hawaii, I was often asked, "How did you find a job there? Isn’t the market flooded?" Those who are seeking a job in a different place will find that if they have a job already, which provides them financial security while they look, the job will eventually appear.

However, though Indeed, Monster, etc. are great sites, they do not encompass all employment opportunities. Save those web pages, and check back if there is nothing posted, because jobs come and go. It takes time to find a job in a place that does not have many jobs. In addition, when looking in a remote place, start by searching online for "hospital" and "pharmacy" in that area. Then go to the organization website, and find the career page.

If the location is outside the United States, though, be sure to thoroughly research the opportunity. First off, licensing requirements can differ. Customs and laws can be very different from those at home, and the punishment for violating those can be severe by United State standards. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, people can be imprisoned for kissing loved ones in public. In short, those who move to a different country are the outsiders, and they must learn to respect culture, customs, and laws. One good initial source of information is the US State Department's Consular Information Sheets.

That being said, check out some of these places, with examples of some recent pharmacy job openings:


The job: University of Texas Medical Branch, Center for Polar Operations (McMurdo Station).

The location: It is not my cup of tea, but Antarctica is a dream destination for many, and actually people dive there (obviously with dry suits). Although this is a job for a pharmacy technician job and not a pharmacist, pharmacists who dream about going to Antarctica, should email the recruiter and ask if the center would consider a pharmacist instead. But be willing to accept the same pay rate as at technician.


The jobs: Hospital on Saipan (Commonwealth Health Services) and PHI Pharmacy (Community Pharmacy).

The location: Saipan is the northernmost island in the Northern Marianas, which is a commonwealth of the United States. Because of this, these positions will only require that a pharmacist is licensed in any state in the United States and that he or she obtain a license there. Saipan is a tropical paradise, with amazing scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. It also has incredible beachside golf courses and hiking trails.1


The jobs: Singapore General Hospital

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The job: Gulf Marketing Group

The location: Pharmacists in the UAE must be licensed. The UAE is an oil-rich, stable country, with a low crime rate. It borders Saudi Arabia and is on the Persian Gulf. Known for its incredible architecture and flashy cities, the UAE is home to large numbers of foreigners. In fact, immigrants make up 88% of the population. Fluency in Arabic is not required for licensing in the UAE's largest city, Dubai, so, it is possible to live there without language skills. Although Dubai is certainly much more suited for urban types, there is still ample diving in the area. In addition, it is just a short flight to the Red Sea, which is one of the best dive locations in the world. The UAE also has amazing beaches. This wealthy nation also boasts restaurants and shopping that make most Americans envious.3


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