Pharmacy Focus: Policy Edition - Discussing the DRUG Act and PBM Reform


Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx, discusses the DRUG Act legislation and its potential impact on curbing rising drug costs through PBM reform.

This episode of Pharmacy Focus: Policy Edition focuses on the DRUG Act and PBM reform efforts with Greg Baker, RPh, CEO of AffirmedRx. The DRUG Act aims to address unfair PBM practices like revenue-based compensation models that incentivize higher drug prices. Baker provides an overview of the key provisions in the legislation and their significance, and the implications of D-linking PBM compensation from drug list prices are also explored. Baker emphasizes the need for transparency in the PBM industry and advocates for fair pharmacist compensation.


0:00:33 - Overview of the Drug Act
0:02:42 - Implications of D-linking for PBMs
0:04:26 - Impact of D-linking on US drug spending
0:05:47 - Benefits of further congressional action for patients and pharmacies
0:08:36 - Other relevant legislation for pharmacists to watch

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