Pharmacy Clinical Pearl of the Day: Mononucleosis


Mononucleosis isn't as contagious as some infections, such as the common cold.

Clinical Pearl of the Day: Mononucleosis

Infectious mononucleosis (mono) is often called the kissing disease.


  • The virus that causes mono (Epstein-Barr virus) is spread through saliva.
  • Mononucleosis can be passed through kissing, but exposure can also occur by sharing a glass or food utensils with someone who has mono. However, mononucleosis isn't as contagious as some infections, such as the common cold.
  • Symptoms may include fatigue, sore throat, fever, swollen lymph, swollen tonsils, headache, skin rash, and swollen spleen.
  • Causes: The most common cause of mononucleosis is the Epstein-Barr virus, but other viruses also can cause similar symptoms.
  • Diagnosis may include antibody testing as well as white blood cell count.
  • Preventive tools may include gargling with salt water, OTC pain relievers, and drinking plenty of fruits juices and water.
  • Treatment may include antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and penicillin.


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