Pharmacy and PBM Collaborate on Rx Refill Program to Improve Adherence


Rite Aid and EnvisionRx created a program that allows patients to refill prescriptions and reduce costs.

Rite Aid recently announced the launch of a new program, Rx90, that focuses on improving medication adherence for patients with chronic conditions.

Rite Aid partnered with the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) EnvisionRx to create Rx90, which is available for EnvisionRx customers. The program allows patients to fill their 90-day prescriptions at any Rite Aid pharmacy in the country, according to a press release from Rite Aid.

Customers may also have their prescriptions delivered through EnvisionPharmacies’ mail service at no extra cost. Rx90 also includes integrated care and clinical support from Rite Aid pharmacists, and other disease-specific communications from EnvisionRX Targeted, according to the press release.

The program involves more than 12,000 total pharmacies to increase access to medications for all patients. Patients who enroll in the program also have reduced copays, and provide a majority of members with free coverage up to 30 days.

This program improves pricing, access, and clinical support options for patients. The collaboration between the retail pharmacy chain and the PBM also helps combat rising healthcare costs, according to the press release.

“Rite Aid is excited to work with EnvisionRx to bring an innovative pharmacy solution for consumers, health plans and employers to market,” said Jocelyn Konrad, Rite Aid executive vice president of pharmacy. “Rx90 is a great example of how our pharmacies and PBMs can collaborate to achieve our shared goal of improving the patient experience and care, while reducing and managing healthcare costs.”

EnvisionRx uses client-specific data to create recommendations about customizing benefit designs, communications, and clinical strategies to meet the needs of health insurers and employers, according to the press release. The companies predict that Rx90 will help plan sponsors control drug spending, and reduce other healthcare services, such as hospitalizations.

“In today's market, plan sponsors and their members need a PBM that truly provides more flexible, affordable options to control the costs of chronic care,” said Frank Sheehy, EnvisionRxOptions CEO.  “Rx90 and our technology platform give plan sponsors another way to customize their prescription drug benefit plan and put actionable, cost saving information in the hands of their members.”

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