Pharmacists, Technicians Share Their Love Stories on Valentine’s Day


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pharmacy Times® asked to hear pharmacists’ love stories on social media.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pharmacy Times® asked to hear pharmacists’ love stories on social media. We got many responses, including couples who met at work, those who met in school, and best friends who said their story may not be romantic, but is a love story nonetheless.

On Instagram, Meghan Mosser, a PharmD candidate at Cedarville University, said she and her husband met in their first year of college, where they were both pharmacy majors. In their general chemistry lab, Mosser said she broke a beaker, and despite her embarrassment, it caught his attention.

“We got married 4 years later and have survived pharmacy school together!” Mosser wrote.

Several others said they also met their significant others in school. Bobbie Vladimirova, a pharmacy student, said she met her best friend in pharmacy school and their support for each other has been essential.

“I met my best friend in pharm school,” Vladimirova wrote on Twitter. “Five years later we are still so close and there is nothing I can’t share with her. We were in the same group, we complained [about] professors, cried at exams, and now we work together. Great ride.”

Many others wrote that they met their spouses at work. Anne Kramer, PharmD, RPh, said she met her husband when he was a patient at her pharmacy, and he remembered that when he proposed a few years later.

“Since [the pharmacy] is where he asked me out, that is also where he proposed with a large banner in front of the store when I got to work one day—now 24 years ago!” Kramer wrote on Instagram.

Tana Garner, CPhT, said she met her husband when they both worked in a hospital. Garner was delivering medications to the Omnicell when she met her now-husband, and Garner said they still work together.

“I am so thankful that my pharmacy career led me to the same [emergency room] Omnicell and we get to celebrate out 3rd Valentine’s Day!” Garner wrote. “We still work in the ER together and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Pharmacy Times® wishes all of the pharmacy couples a happy Valentine’s Day!

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