Pharmacists Are Moderately Satisfied With Compensation, Job Satisfaction Survey Shows (Full Results)


View the full results from the Pharmacy Times 2020 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey.

The first part of this series provided an overview of the results from the Pharmacy Times® Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey; notably, when pharmacists were asked to rate their overall job satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 7 (with 1 being “not at all” and 7 being “extremely”), the average score among the 299 respondents was 4.53.

In the second part of this series, which examined pharmacists’ satisfaction with their total compensation, the average rating of the 299 respondents was 4.82.

Finally, the third part of this series further explored pharmacists' satisfaction with their jobs and the factors that contribute to theri overall happiness in a position. The top 3 driving contributors to job satisfaction were colleagues (14.6%), compensation (14.2%), and autonomy (11.8%).

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