Pharmacists: An Underutilized Resource in Treating Patients with Substance Use Disorders

In this interview with Penny Shelton, PharmD, CGP, FASCP, Executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, at the National Chain Drug Store Total Store Expo (NACDS TSE) in Denver, she discusses how pharmacists are the most accessible, yet often underutilized, resource in preventing and treating substance use disorders.


Penny Shelton, PharmD, CGP, FASCP

I think one of the reasons that pharmacists are so important is that we're one of the most accessible health care providers. We're very much embedded in the community. Honestly, we're a resource that's been really underutilized in this capacity, and so part of the presentation is about getting not only other stakeholders, but getting pharmacy to think about how we can play a greater role. The fact that we are that accessible, with the services that we can provide, can really make a difference in the care of patients suffering with substance use disorders.

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