Pharmacist's Alcohol Problems Spur Second License Suspension


A Michigan pharmacist's license to practice has been suspended for the second time because of ongoing alcohol issues.

A Michigan pharmacist’s license to practice has been suspended for the second time because of ongoing alcohol issues.

Pharmacist Gerald Reschke, who was working at Mike’s Pharmacy in Montague, had his pharmacy license summarily suspended in July for violation of general duty, substance abuse, mental/physical inability to practice, and violating his probation, according to state documents.

Public records show Reschke’s license was previously summarily suspended in May 2014 for alcohol-related convictions in 2012 (operating while intoxicated) and 2013 (operating under the influence, and malicious destruction of personal property).

After the first license suspension, the disciplinary subcommittee of the Michigan Board of Pharmacy put Reschke on a 2-year probation, which required him to enter into a disciplinary monitoring agreement with the state Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP). Under the terms of that agreement, which took effect in March 2015, Reschke had to abstain from alcohol and controlled substances, undergo regular urine drug screening, and obtain advanced approval for any employment from the HPRP.

However, in September 2015, Reschke violated that last term by taking a position with Mike’s Pharmacy without HPRP’s prior approval. He violated the same term again in February 2016 when he started work at Rogers Pharmacy in St. Joseph, Michigan without prior approval.

Then, in April 2016, HPRP placed Reschke on a “last chance agreement” after he failed to submit to his required drug testing. Notably, all of the drug screening Reschke did submit to before then had tested positive for alcohol.

The next month, Reschke not only tested positive for alcohol, but also started work again at Mike’s Pharmacy without obtaining HPRP’s approval. Because of Reschke’s repeated failure to comply with the terms of his monitoring agreement, the state Bureau of Licensing summarily suspended his pharmacy license a second time on July 1, 2016.

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