#Pharmacist Tweets Dispensed in Today's Global Twitter Campaign


Alexandria, Va. Oct. 3, 2013 - Pharmacists around the world have taken to Twitter today and generated thousands of tweets using the hashtag #Pharmacist to document some of the many ways in which they help patients and their communities and improve health care.

Fifty-one international, national, and state pharmacy membership organizations have been encouraging their members to participate in this global "tweet-a-thon." Twenty other organizations also have become involved. (The full list of documented participants and their Twitter handles are posted here.)

More than 5,000 tweets have been sent so far today by pharmacists, and include the following:

  • @austinrussian Just prevented a 1 year old from receiving a full adult dose of Zofran (8x the maximum dose allowed) #pharmacist ‏
  • @pharmerWu Spoke to a patient on antidepressants having panic attacks. Calmed her down + convinced her to speak to GP about it #pharmacist @IPSForg
  • @alfonzumab Made a gummy for a child that couldn't swallow a pill. Chocolate-Marshmallow seems to be the flavor of choice! #pharmacist ‏
  • @jenamarion Brought a patient's copay down from $179 to $3 yesterday by calling his physician and switching to a general alternative. #pharmacist

"Every day, pharmacists in different practice settings not only fill prescriptions—they counsel and educate patients, consult with physicians, monitor patient histories, lower health care costs, provide vaccinations, and help individuals live healthier lifestyles," the participating organizations said jointly when they announced the tweet-a-thon, calling the tweet-a-thon a "day to honor the profound impact that pharmacists have on their patients' everyday lives through an easy and accessible medium: Twitter. We encourage pharmacists and their patients all over the world to take a moment on Oct. 3 to share their positive stories."

Pharmacists are among the most trusted professions, according to annual surveys by the U.S. polling firm Gallup. The most recent Gallup poll found that a record high 75 percent of respondents rated pharmacists as very high/high in honesty and ethics.

October is American Pharmacists Month in the U.S.