Pharmacist Reprimanded for Poor Professional Practices


The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is censuring a pharmacist for poor professional performance.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is censuring a pharmacist for poor professional performance.

Pharmacist Jeremiah Blake, owner of Blake’s Pharmacy, will be “mentored” for a year by a superintendent pharmacist, and he will have to meet with that mentor at least 3 times during the 12-month period.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland council found that Blake had poorly maintained a controlled drug register, prescription register, and pharmacy records, including records of medications dispensed. Blake was also rebuked for the lack of appropriate storage of human and veterinary medicinal products. For example, out-of-date products were not segregated from other items and were also not removed for disposal or destruction.

Medications that needed to be kept in cool temperatures were also not stored properly in the fridge. In addition, Blake did not keep medications stored in a clean or appropriate environment.

The pharmacist also did not ensure that standard operating procedures were followed, and he did not provide a patient consultation area.

“The council decided to impose these conditions having regard to the exceptionally poor professional standard in so many aspects of Mr. Blake’s work over a prolonged period,” the council decision stated.

The pharmacist mentor will file reports on Blake’s solutions to these problems, and then the council will review all the reports at the end of the year to ensure that his behavior is satisfactory.

If any of the reports do not satisfy the council, then Blake will continue to be monitored until the council is appeased.

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