Pharmacist Pledge to Raise Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse


Pharmacists can be a great community resource to help prevent prescription drug abuse and diversion.

Pharmacists can sign a pledge to take an active role in their community and raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

At 2015 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Annual Meeting, pharmacists were encouraged to help fight prescription drug abuse by taking a pledge, which can be found on the AWARxE Prescription Drug Safety Program website.1

After signing the pledge, you will receive an e-mail with strategies to raise awareness, including:

  • Encourage pharmacists to sign the pledge.
  • Check your prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) regularly.
  • Become familiar with your pharmacy’s policy for assisting patients abusing prescription drugs.
  • Educate patients on safe use of prescription drugs and appropriate drug disposal.
  • Remind patients to store their medications locked away from children.
  • Give presentations throughout the community, including local high schools and colleges, on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

The AWARxE website also maintains a library of free resources such as flyers and PowerPoint presentations that pharmacists can distribute throughout their community.

Pharmacists can be a great community resource to help prevent prescription drug abuse and diversion.


  • AWARxE. Pharmacist’s pledge: fighting prescription drug abuse. Available at: Accessed September 3, 2015.

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