Pharmacist Defends Herself Against Verbal Attacks for Wearing Hijab


A pharmacist stood her ground while a man verbally attacked her for wearing a hijab at her store.

A pharmacist stood her ground while a man verbally attacked her for wearing a hijab at her store.

The episode occurred at a New York pharmacy where pharmacist Sana Rashid worked, PIX11 reported. Rashid told the news outlet that she did not want the name of her pharmacy revealed out of concern for her job.

Rashid’s family friend Narmeed Choudhury posted a message on her Facebook page explaining that a man called her a terrorist and told her to leave the country.

“She defended herself as best she could, trying to explain she was an American and this is her country just as much as it is his,” Choudhury wrote.

Nevertheless, the man continued his diatribe until an employee removed him from the store.

Rashid told PIX11 it was the most “vicious” attack she has ever experienced.

The pharmacist did receive one showing of support from a patient who was in the pharmacy when it happened, though.

Days later, she received the following hand-written note from the patient:

“Hi, I was at the [redacted] pharmacy on Friday evening when that man started screaming some of the most sexist, racist, hateful words I’ve ever heard. In the moment, I froze and immediately welled up with tears and sadness for you. You were so brave for responding to him and defending yourself so eloquently. I wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you had to experience such a traumatic event and let you know that I’m thinking of you. I hope you never have to experience anything like that again in your life.”

The letter-writer also stated that Rashid’s bravery inspired her to find strength “during these times of unrest in our world.”

Rashid told PIX11 that she appreciated the patient’s kind words and wished she could tell the patient how much the letter meant to her.

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