Pharmacies Now Supplying Humalog U-200 KwikPen


A new 200-units/mL formulation of Lilly's pre-filled insulin pen containing rapid-acting insulin lispro is now available at pharmacies for patients with diabetes.

A new 200-units/mL formulation of Lilly’s pre-filled insulin pen containing rapid-acting insulin lispro (Humalog U-200 KwikPen) is now available at pharmacies for patients with diabetes.

This product holds twice as many insulin units as the U-100 formulation in the same 3-mL cartridge, facilitating fewer insulin pen changes every month among adults and children with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who are already taking mealtime insulin.

"This is an important new option for many people with diabetes," stated David Kendall, vice president of medical affairs at Lilly Diabetes. "…More rapid-acting insulin in a single pen may help patients worry less about running out when their plans change unexpectedly."

Like other mealtime insulin pens, Humalog U-200 KwikPen must be used within 28 days after initial use, even if there is insulin remaining. Unused pens should be stored in the refrigerator, but once a pen has been used for the first time, it should be kept at room temperature.

Humalog can cause life-threatening hypokalemia, which can cause severe breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, and death. The most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be caused by taking too much Humalog and can be treated by immediately consuming a quick source of sugar.

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