Pet Peeves (August 2015)

Pharmacy TimesAugust 2015 Pain Awareness
Volume 81
Issue 8

Read about space invaders, oblivious texters, and other pet peeves.

Space Invaders.

When a customer stands too close behind the person who is being helped, and I have to ask the “space invader” to wait by the sign that says, “Please wait here to respect the privacy of the customer at the counter.”


When customers are talking on their phone and expect me to wait until they are done.

e-Scripts with Obvious Errors.

Sometimes e-scripts have obvious errors that anyone would have caught if the script had been read before it was sent in.

Oblivious Texters.

When the next person in line at the drive-through is so busy texting that he doesn’t pull up to the window.

What’s bothering you? Bossy patients, abandoned prescriptions, drive-throughs? Pharmacy Times wants to know. Send your pet peeves to We’ll add them to our ongoing published list. Share your Pet Peeves with Pharmacy Times today!

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