Pet Peeves

Pharmacy TimesFebruary 2013 Autoimmune Disorders
Volume 79
Issue 2

Don't Expect McPharmacy

Trying to figure out a polite way to tell patients that we are not McDonalds and their "order" will not be ready by the time they walk from the drop-off counter to the cash register.

The Runaround.

You notify your manager of broken equipment, and he doesn’t even reply to your e-mails. But then you get a nasty e-mail about long wait time. I’d be faster if all my equipment worked!

Same Old Song.

I have this conversation every year, I swear.


“Why is my Lantus Solostar $234? It was $35 last month!”


“You have a deductible.”


“Wha? No, I don’t!”


“My screen says $2600 deductible.”


“Well, yeah. Last year it was $3500, but I changed my plan and it went down.”


“So, you’re telling me you know you have a deductible.”


“Well, yeah, but why is it so high? It was only $35 last month.”

Busy Work.

Random clawbacks force me to manually go through my claims biweekly. Why not just reject when billed?

Creepy Crawlies.

When patients come to the pharmacy with the lice they took off their child’s head and ask me to identify them. My body crawls from the time of the interaction until I go home.

Get with the Program.

We’ve had the flu vaccine since August. Now they want a shot?!

Be Quick About It!

After you call for help for a return or change for the register with the customer waiting, the manager never comes quickly, even though you see him in the aisle just fooling around with boxes.

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