Otsuka Pharmaceutical Enters Into Health Promotion Partnership Agreement with Saitama Prefecture


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has entered into a partnership with the government of Saitama Prefecture with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing among prefectural citizens.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan: President Tatsuo Higuchi) has entered into a partnership with the government of Saitama Prefecture with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing among prefectural citizens. The Health Promotion Partnership Agreement was signed on June 24, 2015 at the Saitama Prefecture Government Offices.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is engaged in various partnerships with local governments and other entities to promote healthy lifestyles as befitting a health care company. Affected by warm air systems formed over the Pacific Ocean, Saitama Prefecture is subject to high summer temperatures, and in 2014 the prefecture accounted for Japan’s second-highest number of heat disorders patients transported by ambulance. Beginning in 2013, Otsuka Pharmaceutical partnered with Gyoda City in Saitama Prefecture, participating in health-related educational activities including provision of information on the importance of rehydration for prevention of heat disorders and promotion of communication among local residents. These activities resulted in a notable decline in the number of elderly heat disorders patients transported by ambulance during the summer of 2014, paving the way for the Health Promotion Partnership Agreement concluded on a prefectural level with the aim of promoting the health and wellbeing of residents of Saitama Prefecture as a whole.

Primary initiatives undertaken in partnership with Saitama Prefecture

1. Prevention of heat disorders

・Production of posters listing Five Tips to Prevent Heat Disorders and implementation of educational activities targeting prefectural residents

・Training of personnel engaged in educational activities through dispatch of lecturers to heat disorders-related workshops and seminars

2. Projects to promote healthy longevity

・Dispatch of lecturers to exercise classes organized by cities and towns participating in the Saitama Project for Healthy Longevity

・Dispatch of lecturers to Healthy Longevity Supporter workshops

3. Promotion of healthful eating habits

・Cooperation with initiatives to promote nutrition education

・Dispatch of lecturers for workshops and training sessions

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