OTC Product News: January 2024

Pharmacy TimesJanuary 2024
Volume 90
Issue 1

The products include Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Clod & Flu Symptom Relief, Cellular Nutrition Line, A.M Greens, and Women's Health Multivitamins.

Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Cold & Flu Symptom Relief

Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Cold & Flu Symptom Relief

From: Vespyr Brands, Inc

Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Cold & Flu Symptom Relief from Vespyr Brands, Inc, is a homeopathic cold remedy lozenge to shorten colds while providing cough, congestion, and sore throat relief. Cold-Eeze zinc gluconate lozenges were clinically tested and reported to shorten colds by 42%. The lozenges are formulated with zinc gluconate to shorten the duration of a cold if taken when symptoms begin to appear. The remedy should be taken every 2 to 4 hours until symptoms subside; it should be dissolved in the mouth rather than being chewed or swallowed whole, and individuals should not eat or drink for 15 minutes after taking the lozenge. This Plus Cold & Flu Symptom Relief lozenge comes in a natural mixed berry flavor and is not made with artificial colors or preservatives.


Cellular Nutrition Line

From: Solgar

Solgar has released its new Cellular Nutrition Line to help fight cellular decline and impact cell health. The collection features Cellular Energy, Cellular Strength & Renewal, and Cellular Protect. Each product provides nutrients that work with the body’s natural processes deep inside cells that help fight sources of cellular decline. Specifically, Cellular Energy supports cell energy, repairs, and vitality, and is formulated with nicotinamide riboside; Cellular Strength & Renewal supports muscle strength and mitochondrial health and is formulated with Mitopure Urolithin A; and Cellular Protection protects cells from oxidative stress and is formulated with glycine and N-acetyl cysteine. The products are intended to give the body the nutrients it needs to enhance cellular health.


A.M Greens

From: Alkaline Labs

Alkaline Labs has introduced A.M Greens to its functional nutritional products portfolio to aid gut health, immune system function, mental clarity, cellular function, blood sugar levels, and stress management. A.M Greens is made with vegan, non-GMO, organic, and glyphosate residue–free ingredients that can improve individuals’ health journeys. The solution is made from L-glutamine, organic aloe vera, organic spirulina, and organic chlorella. The ingredients were chosen based on extensive research. A.M Greens is formulated to be a strong foundation for overall health, triggering positive reactions throughout the body.


Women’s Health Multivitamins

From: Hyland’s Naturals

Hyland’s Naturals has launched a category of products called Hyland’s Women’s Health. The line consists of 3 multivitamins that support an all-in-one wellness solution to aid women at different stages of their life. The products include Total Loving Care Women’s Multi + PMS Rescue, Easy Morning Prenatal Multi + Digestion & Morning Sickness, and Rock On Menopause Multi + Youthful Skin. Total Loving Care is made to ease cramps, mood swings, and stress. Easy Morning Prenatal is designed to support a newborn’s development as well as the mother’s well-being. Rock On Menopause aids with hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, and contains ingredients that support skin health for women 50 years and older.


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