OTC Guide 2024: Leading The Way

OTC Guide2024 OTC Guide

OTC products are cost-effective and offer patients a convenient self-treatment option.

Pharmacy Times® has been a constant source of up-to-date, practical information for the pharmacy community and has led the way in presenting valuable information on the OTC market—in print and via online venues.

Twelve years ago, we expanded our reach with this useful guide to OTC products to help consumers make informed decisions based on the expert opinions of our pharmacy readers.

More than ever, patients are turning to OTC products to treat conditions like allergies, arthritis, coughs, colds, migraines, and gastrointestinal issues.

OTC products are cost-effective and offer patients a convenient self-treatment option. As blockbuster prescription drugs become available over the counter, pharmacists are being called on to make recommendations from among the 1000-plus OTC brands available.

The 2024 Pharmacy Times OTC Recommendations Survey, conducted by HRA®, asked thousands of pharmacists for their recommendations on brands in 149 OTC categories. In these pages, products are organized by health section and in detailed charts that show the percentage of pharmacists who recommend each product. The charts also show the number of recommendations that retail pharmacy professionals make each month.

As pharmacists continue to counsel consumers on OTC choices, our 2024 Pharmacy Times OTC Recommendations Survey provides pharmacists guidance by showcasing the brands and products that were most highly recommended by their peers.

Since 2012, Pharmacy Times has brought these pharmacists’ top recommendations of OTC products directly to consumers. The leading brands receive a “#1 Pharmacist Recommended” award.

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