Online Pharmacy Groups to Join


side from the obvious networking and career-advancement benefits, online pharmacy groups provide a number of perks.

Aside from the obvious networking and career-advancement benefits, online pharmacy groups provide a number of perks, such as:

  • Allowing you to keep up with pharmacy trends.
  • Connecting you with others in the profession who can provide advice, tips, and a listening “ear.”
  • Giving you additional credibility by allowing you to showcase your expertise.
  • Providing you with the “inside scoop” on industry events and job opportunities.

If that isn't enough to convince you, check out some of these online communities yourself:

  • Pharmacists United (Facebook): This Facebook pharmacy group's members are an active, loyal bunch who all love the profession. If you’re looking for a group of pharmacists from every field who positively contribute and provide feedback to one another, then this is the place for you.

  • Pharmacy Social Media (LinkedIn): This group has had such wide and diverse participation that it actually resulted in a spinoff LinkedIn group, Independent Pharmacy Business Development and Marketing. So, no matter what your pharmacy career interests may be, you will be able to find content that is relevant to your day-to-day job.

  • Pharmacist Career Network (LinkedIn): If you are job hunting, you will be able to find leads and loads information about the state of the pharmacy job market today. Despite what the group’s name might suggest, it is more than just an online job board.

  • Pharmacy Leadership Central (LinkedIn): For those looking to climb the pharmacy career ladder, this group boasts leadership and management discussion from seasoned and new pharmacists alike. Perhaps you could even find your new mentor/mentee here.

  • Hospital Pharmacy Safety (LinkedIn): Even if you don’t work at a hospital (and never intend to), you can find valuable safety information and tips.

  • Reddit pharmacy bulletin boards: Despite being a little hard to navigate, there are some really great pharmacy tips and tricks to be found, and some downright hilarious anecdotes!

  • PharmacyWeek (LinkedIn): Although this forum seems to be a little heavier on lifestyle and general career topics than pharmacy-specific content, there is good information that can be applied to your job, family, and personal life.

  • Pharmacy Career and Networking Group (LinkedIn): This is not the most active group, but when content is posted, it is usually timely and very interesting.

  • Pharmacy groups in your region/state/professional organization (LinkedIn or Facebook): There are many LinkedIn pharmacy groups out there for state and regional organizations, as well as field-specific professional associations that you may belong to. Be sure to join these online groups, as you may actually run into some of your LinkedIn contacts at an event someday!

Checking out online pharmacy groups is the first step to getting a leg up when it comes to networking. You never know when one of your online connections might pay off!

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