Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin B Supplements: A Winning Combination


When both of these compounds are in abundant supply, good things happen.

Fish oils are sometimes called the beauty and brains supplement. The DHA ingredient in fish oils is known to be a building block for brain and nerve formation.1 It is added to baby formulas to support brain and nerve development.

But how does this relate to the adult brain? Could fish oils with its high concentration of DHA and EPA make us smarter or help us function better?

There have been many clinical trials to answer this question. Fish oils have been studied in the many different situations with variable result.

Recently scientists took a closer look at fish oils and vitamin b supplementation.2 B-vitamins are building blocks for many biochemicals in our brain and elsewhere in our bodies. Researchers found that when vitamin b was abundant, and then fish oil was taken, the individual had better cognitive performance and increased blood flow to the brain. It appears that they got smarter.

Other studies have also hinted at this conclusion that both omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins need to be in abundant supplies for optimal brain health. This recent study is not the first to discover this.3,4

It appears that using omega 3 containing oils for improved brain function is just 1 piece to the puzzle. Omega 3’s do a play a role and their mechanism of action is still under investigation. The following are 3 proposed mechanisms for improve brain health:

  • Reduced inflammation in the brain: Fish oils, and other medicinal oils containing omega 3 can calm inflammation. Perhaps if the brain is 'on fire' with inflammation, omega 3’s could potentially improve concentration, focus and mood.5
  • Structural support: Since DHA is a building block for structural support of the brain and nervous system, perhaps making sure the nerves and brain are intact is another mechanism.1
  • Improved blood flow: Studies are showing that there is increased blood flow to the brain after high dose omega 3 consumption.6 Is it possible that the omega 3’s are redirecting the blood flow to needed areas much like eicosanoids and prostaglandins do for injuries? Omega 3 are similar in chemical structure to eicosanoids and other inflammatory mediators that direct blood flow to injuries. Is it possible that omega 3 are doing this without the inflammation?


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