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October 2008

Dear CVS/pharmacy colleagues,

In recognition of American Pharmacists Month, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for your daily commitment to providing world-class customer service to our patients. In keeping with the theme, Know Your Medicine, Know Your Pharmacist, I encourage you to take the time to let customers know about how you, as their pharmacist, can help improve their quality of life-from answering prescription-related questions, to ensuring appropriate OTC use, to helping with medication management.

It is important that customers and patients know that you are always accessible and that they can seek your advice for both simple and complex concerns. This is true throughout the year, but is especially important for those who are seeking to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan between November 15 and December 31.

This process is often a challenge for those who are new to the program and are enrolling in a Part D plan for the first time. Additionally, although most Medicare-eligible customers will elect to remain with their current coverage, many beneficiaries will have the option of enrolling in a different plan for 2009. Therefore, it is critical that you and your colleagues are ready to provide assistance to your senior customers as they review their current coverage and select a new plan based on their specific prescription needs.

Once again, CVS/pharmacy teams have access to a customized online resource, called the "CVS Plan Comparison Tool," available for use from RxNet on the "2009 Medicare Prescription Plan Benefit" home page. This tool allows the pharmacy team to provide personalized plan comparisons for customers, which will help those customers make informed decisions about their plan choice. In addition, the tool has the ability to provide a comprehensive list of all plans available to a customer based on where they live.

Now more than ever, your customers look to you, as trusted health care professionals, for advice on not only Medicare Part D, but a whole host of pharmacy-related topics. This is why I commend you, during American Pharmacists Month, for your day-to-day commitment to your patients. The high level of customer service you provide ensures that CVS/pharmacy remains not only one of the top Medicare resources in your community, but also a trusted health care destination for your patients. Keep up the great work!


David W. Purdy, RPh

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations

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