Novo Nordisk Launches Tresiba Biologic Analog Insulin to Expand Affordability Options


The long-acting, once-daily hormone controls high blood sugar in individuals aged 1 year or older with diabetes.

Novo Nordisk Inc announced the upcoming availability of an unbranded biologic of Tresiba (insulin degludec) injection, a long-acting, once-daily basal insulin indicated to control high blood sugar in individuals aged 1 year or older with diabetes.

“Unbranded biologics are a part of our ongoing efforts to expand our options for patients who struggle to afford their prescribed insulin, support that is especially crucial for the uninsured and underinsured,” Doug Langa, executive vice president of North America operations and president of Novo Nordisk, said in a statement. “With the addition of this treatment to our portfolio, Novo Nordisk is now able to offer patients unbranded biologic options of both rapid- and long-acting insulins.”

Insulin degludec is not for individuals with diabetic ketoacidosis, which is increased ketones in the blood or urine. It is also unknown whether the drug is effective and safe for infants under aged 1 year.

The insulin will be available in 100 and 200 units/mL.

The FDA approved the unbranded biologic, insulin degludec, in July 2022, and it will be available for prescription-holding individuals to order from pharmacies nationwide in fall 2022.

The unbranded insulin degludec will launch at 65% off of the list price of Tresiba and will be distributed by Novo Nordisk Pharma. The price will be $118.63 for the U-100 10 ml vial, $177.95 for the U-100 FlexTouch 5x3 ml, and $213.54 for the U-200 FlexTouch 3x3 ml.

The company has also announced 6 programs designed to address the accessibility and affordability of therapies.

The programs include:

  • Copay Savings Cards: The coupons can copay cards can help offset high out-of-pocket costs. In 2021, the company provided approximately $100 million in copay assistance to patients.
  • COVID-19 Patient Assistance Program: Created to reflect the economic toll caused by the pandemic, the company continues to offer 90 days of free insulin to eligible individuals who lost health care coverage, because of job loss related to the pandemic. They will continue to evaluate program offerings to meet the needs of these individuals.
  • Immediate Supply: This is a free 1-time immediate supply of insulin, up to 3 vials or 2 packs of pen, from the company to eligible individuals who may be at risk of rationing.
  • My$99Insulin: This includes a 30-day supply of a combination of insulin products, up to 3 vials or 2 packs of pens, from the company for $99 for eligible individuals.
  • Novo Nordisk human insulin: The human insulin is available for about $25 per vial, and slightly more when offered in a pen, at national pharmacies, such CVS and Walmart.
  • Patient Assistance Program: This includes free medications, including Novo Nordisk Insulins and Novo Nordisk Pharma unbranded biologics to eligible individuals. Additionally, a family of 4 with an annual household income of up to $111,000 and individuals with an income of up to $54,360 may receive free medications through the program.


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