New Pet Glucose Monitoring System Arriving in Pharmacies


Dogs and Cats have different blood make-ups and need a specifically calibrated device for glucose monitoring to manage diabetes.

Trividia Health has released a pet-monitoring blood glucose system, Test Buddy, which is meant to help dogs and cats with diabetes.1

The rate of dogs and cats living with diabetes continues to increase, and it’s crucial that testing is done with devices specifically designed for them. While glucose samples are collected from animals and humans the same way, the blood makeup of cats and dogs are very different from humans. Pet owners should use a device specifically calibrated for their furry friend in order to manage their diabetes properly.1

The Test Buddy will be the device of its kind offered in retail pharmacies.2 It is set to launch in November, which is National Pet Diabetes Month, and comes with 50 test strips and lancets for home glucose monitoring. The device is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing for users to upload results to an app and share them with their veterinarian.2

In addition to the glucose monitoring system, Trividia also released Health Tracks for Pets Insulin Syringes with U-40 and U-100 syringes in a variety of gauges and sizes. 1


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