New Medication Found to Improve Severe Blood or Fluid Loss Survival


Centhaquine was found to improve survival in those with hypovolemic shock.

A new medication called centhaquine has shown efficacy in treating patients with severe blood or fluid loss, according to a study to be presented at the American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Science Symposium 2020.

Every year, approximately 600,000 people in the United States and 1.9 million people worldwide die from a severe loss of blood or fluids. Loss of fluid due to trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding, excessive blood loss, diarrhea, or vomiting can cause hypovolemic shock. A large percentage of patients die within the first 6 hours.

The multi-center, placebo-controlled, phase 3 clinical trial included 105 patients in India receiving the standard of care for hypovolemic shock. Patients were randomized to receive either the standard of care and intravenous centhaquine or the standard of care plus saline.

According to the study, after 24 hours of resuscitation, systolic blood pressure increased from 90 mmHg or less to higher than 110 mmHg in 59% of the control patients and 81% of the centhaquine patients. Additionally, at the 24-hour mark, diastolic blood pressure was above 70 mmHg in 50% of the control group and 78% of the centhaquine group.

Reduction of blood lactate levels to 1.5 mmol/L or less occurred in 47% of the control group and 69% of the centhaquine group. Overall, the 28-day death rate was 12% for the control group and 3% for the centhaquine group.

"Time is of the essence for hypovolemic shock patients, and these results suggest faster recovery towards normalization of blood pressure with centhaquine," said lead study author Anil Gulati, MD, PhD, chairman and chief executive officer at Pharmazz, Inc, in a press release. "Centhaquine added to standard shock treatment also showed compelling mortality improvement over standard shock treatment, with a 9% absolute reduction in mortality compared to the control group."

Centhequine was also found to improve acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ dysfunction scores when compared with the control group, according to the study.


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