New Digital Billing System Aims to Offer Convenience, Affordability


The new billing system boasts the ability to meet the patient where they are in terms of digital communications and affordability.

A newly launched digital billing platform is designed to engage with patients via email or text without mailing a paper, and provides tailored, affordable payment options.

Digital-First Billing, released by Patientco, boasts the ability to meet the patient where they are in terms of digital communications and affordability. The system does this through 2 methods: its digital form and its payment options.

The platform allows for easy accessibility through the patient’s choice of digital channel and the ability to use their device to view and pay for their bills. However, should a patient not engage with their eBill, the Digital First Billing system will automatically send a mailed paper statement.

It also allows patients to access self-service affordable payment options. These tailored payments come in the following options:

  • Discounts for prompt payment
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Low monthly cost financing options

According to the company's press release, this solution promotes increased self-service payments and streamlines payment plan enrollment, thereby reducing administrative burden. Due to its eBill availability, patients pay 69% faster than a traditional payment method, according to Patientco.

It is Patientco’s belief that a system that promotes more diverse payment experiences will create loyalty and drive more visits long-term.


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