Navihealth Acquires Rightcare Solutions

NaviHealth has announced its acquisition of RightCare Solutions, a healthcare decision support software service provider specializing in hospital discharge planning software and readmissions management.


NaviHealth, Inc., a Cardinal Health company, today announced the acquisition of RightCare Solutions, Inc., a healthcare decision support software service provider specializing in hospital discharge planning software and readmissions management. RightCare’s software is powered by proprietary, evidence-based decision-support technology developed in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

RightCare licenses its proprietary software to hospitals and health systems to assess patients for post-acute care needs, determine risk of readmission, and coordinate patient discharges to high-quality post-acute care providers, with the ultimate goal of improving care transitions and health outcomes. The company also licenses its software to post-acute care providers, allowing them to save significant time and money in managing referrals from nearby hospitals by automating many of the burdensome administrative tasks involved in accepting referrals.

“As the evolution toward value-based care and new payment models continues to gain momentum, health systems are increasingly recognizing the need to embrace new technologies that can help achieve lower costs and improved patient outcomes. Moreover, the newly proposed CMS conditions of participation focused on quality and timeliness of discharge planning makes the acquisition of RightCare very strategic at this point in time,” said Clay Richards, naviHealth’s CEO. “RightCare has a proven track record of delivering technology solutions to hospitals that translate into real ROI. The combination of our post-acute decision support and clinical analytics with RightCare’s integrated discharge planning capabilities will further accelerate our ability to deliver a unique value proposition to health systems as they look to manage post-acute care in an evolving market. We see this as a perfect fit for our business goals and are extremely excited for what RightCare and its people can bring to naviHealth.”

naviHealth has grown rapidly since its founding and currently provides post-acute management solutions in 28 states. naviHealth pioneered a “high tech, high touch” model to manage post-acute care, matching local market clinicians with proprietary, best-in-class decision support technology and analytics. As health plans and providers increasingly enter into value-based reimbursement models, naviHealth has consistently delivered savings for its partners and improved patient outcomes. The company now serves nearly 2 million health plan members and over 75 hospitals and physician groups.

“naviHealth is a leader in value-based care and is highly regarded within the post-acute care management space as a first-mover and a pioneer in combining leading technology with top clinicians,” said Eric Heil, co-founder and CEO of RightCare. “In becoming part of naviHealth, RightCare’s ability to benefit patients by reducing readmissions and improving discharge management through a unique software-as-a-service model is furthered dramatically in a way that will bring enhanced value to the community of hospitals we serve. Additionally, becoming part of naviHealth will also enhance Cardinal Health’s post-acute platform, which is designed to support its health system partners succeeding in a value-based care environment.”

RightCare was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in the Philadelphia suburb of Horsham. It aims to revolutionize the discharge planning process by using evidence-based technology to empower nurses, discharge planners and case managers.