National Pharmacy Technician Day Recognizes Tech Roles

Pharmacists across the nation expressed their gratitude for pharmacy technicians in recognition of National Pharmacy Technician Day on October 20.

Pharmacists across the nation expressed their gratitude for pharmacy technicians in recognition of National Pharmacy Technician Day on October 20.

The occasion did not go unrecognized on social media, with pharmacists and pharmacies tweeting messages like:

Great to see recognition for work done by technicians and their increased role in supporting pharmacists.

(@Amdefrein) October 20, 2015

Thanks to all our awesome techs! #RXTechDay We appreciate all you do!

(@ChemistryRx) October 20, 2015

Happy Pharmacy Technician Day! I couldn't survive in the pharmacy without you! @NACDS @UnmcCop @PharmacyTimes

(@DrAllyRP) October 20, 2015

A number of technicians chose to show off their tech pride by simply sharing their stories. In exclusive interviews with Pharmacy Times, the following technicians explained why their profession should be celebrated. Their experiences highlight the varied yet essential roles that technicians play on the pharmacy team.

Pam Crossman, CPhTPharmacy Supervisor, Lakeland HealthCareSt. Joseph, MI

“I have been a pharmacy technician for just over 40 years, and every single day, I have had the opportunity to help others and inspire my staff. I have worked for the same health care system my entire career, and I have always championed for technician education and certification in our organization.

“One of the things I am particularly proud of is my position on the Healthcare Advisory Board for 2 local community colleges, the technician students of which I mentor during their internships. As technicians are trained and educated for their expanding role in today’s complex health care environment, I feel that that it is my duty to make sure my students and staff are ready to meet the challenges the future of pharmacy holds for all of us.

“Pharmacy technicians play a very important role in patient care and safety, and as we all know, behind every good pharmacist is a great technician! National Pharmacy Technician Day should be an important celebration for all of us in the Pharmacy field.”

Linda Henson, CPhTPharmacy Technician Manager, Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown HospitalGermantown, TN

“Knowing that I am helping to ensure safe medication practices for the patients my hospital serves makes me feel valued and reminds me that I made a good career choice when I decided to become a pharmacy technician 34 years ago.

“When I was first introduced to pharmacy, technician duties were limited to running the cash register, prepacking medications, and counting pills. Today, pharmacy technicians have expanded roles including medication reconciliation, personnel management, and automations and information technology management.

“Serving others and supporting pharmacists in providing safe, effective medication use is what makes me proud to be a pharmacy technician. As a pharmacy technician manager, my responsibilities include training and accessing the competency of staff technicians. The technicians whom I supervise and I treat each patient like a family member, and as such we take their roles very seriously.

“Pharmacy technicians play a key role in supporting safe medication practices by following appropriate medication safe guards, which allows pharmacists to focus on more clinical aspects of pharmacy. For their efforts in providing patient safety, pharmacy technicians should be celebrated on National Pharmacy Technician Day, but appreciated all year long.”

Heather A. Krehl, BS, CPhT, PhTRPharmacy Technician Program Director, Milan InstituteAmarillo, TX

“My journey as a pharmacy technician instructor began 15 years ago, and throughout this experience, I have strived to learn something new every day, whether it be during my own research for lecture, from my students, or from patients.

“As an instructor and director of a pharmacy technician program, I am allowed to teach my students not only the skills they need to excel in their field, but teach them things like morals, integrity, ethics, teamwork, respect, and communication. I believe these values are of utmost importance to ensure patient safety and quality care.

“Being a technician is not just ‘counting pills,’ as I have often heard. Instead, technicians should be recognized for the impact they have on individuals’ lives.

“Although, as a pharmacy technician, you may never meet the patient in room 505, you are contributing to her well-being and recovery in a way that she may never know.

“It takes dedication, knowledge, and skill to ensure that all patients are receiving the best quality of care possible, and pharmacy technicians exhibit those qualities every day. I know that as a technician, my work has helped improve my patients’ life and health.”

Kristy Malacos, MS, CPhTPharmacy Administrator, Magruder Hospital PortClinton, OH

“Pharmacy technicians are a vital component to the health care team. We truly make a difference in the lives of each and every patient, and I am grateful for the opportunity to come to work knowing I can help impact patient care.

“Each day is different as a pharmacy technician, and every experience and interaction is rewarding. From utilizing new technology to developing innovative methods for patient care, pharmacy technicians are relied upon for their versatility and adaptability to change. I love learning new initiatives and implementing change within the pharmacy and hospital.

“Pharmacy technicians are an integral part of the pharmacy staff who should be celebrated for their commitment to patient safety, as well as for the essential support they bring to the pharmacy team. I am proud to be a part of a group who sees patient care through from the beginning to the end.”

Stephanie Rice-Erlenbusch, CPhTTechnician, Fred Meyer PharmacyTualatin, OR

“I am proud to be a health care professional who has such an important role with patient care. I love helping others and as a technician I have the opportunity to build a relationship with patients. It is a great honor to be a pharmacy technician and work alongside pharmacists and other health care professionals in promoting an interdisciplinary environment.

“My favorite aspect of being a pharmacy technician is having the first and last interaction with patients, which sets the tone for a long lasting impression. The experience of building relationships with patients and team members has given me a greater sense of fulfillment; I feel particularly accomplished when I can brighten someone’s day, and always try to make each patient feel uniquely cared for.

“Pharmacy technicians should be recognized for the many obstacles we face and overcome while serving the public. We, as technicians, are the backbone of the pharmacy, and the patients and pharmacists depend on our training and knowledge to improve patient care.

“All health care professionals, especially technicians, should be celebrated because with each individual effort, we establish a better quality of care for each patient.”