National Kidney Foundation Partners with CVS Kidney Care for National Campaign Promoting Kidney Disease Awareness


In recognition of National Kidney month, the National Kidney Foundation has announced a partnership with CVS Kidney Care to raise awareness about kidney disease.

In recognition of National Kidney Month, the National Kidney Foundation has announced a partnership with CVS Kidney Care to raise awareness about kidney disease. Throughout March, the organizations will be promoting awareness, spreading information, and encouraging at-risk individuals to get tested.

Kidney disease affects nearly 37 million people in the United States and is frequently asymptomatic until it has progressed to critical stages. Many people with the illness are not diagnosed until transplant or dialysis are necessary for survival. The 5 greatest risk factors are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a family history of kidney disease. Approximately 33% of Americans are at risk for developing the disease.

Late diagnosis is a major issue for patients with kidney disease. Promoting education can lead to earlier interventions and is a major goal of the campaign.

“Through CVS Health’s local presence in nearly 10,000 communities across the country, we can help more people understand and manage this disease, and, ultimately, decide on the treatment that is aligned with their goals and lifestyle,” said Bruce Culleton, MD, chief medical officer for CVS Kidney Care, in a statement.

The “Are You the 33%?” campaign will include a digital quiz to help people understand their risk level and what to do next. CVS Kidney Care is also in the process of launching an educational website, which will help diagnosed patients learn about their condition and make healthy choices.

“Because of these efforts, critical information will get into the hands of people who desperately need it,” said Kevin Longino, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation, in a statement. “Making patients aware of their risk may help lead to early diagnosis which can help prevent, or stave off, complications or possible kidney failure.”


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