Glimpse into Future of Retail and Health Care at 2017 Total Store Expo


The popular “Vision” pavilion will return to the Exhibit Hall at the 2017 National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo, which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from August 19 – 22.

The popular “Vision” pavilion will return to the Exhibit Hall at the 2017 National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo, which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from August 19 — 22.

This year’s rendition — “Vision 2028” – explores the future of retail and pharmacy through interactive technology demonstrations and dialogue with industry experts. NACDS has partnered with retail and consumer goods accelerator XRC Labs to curate the content and selection of startups in the pavilion.

Vision 2028 will provide a snapshot of emerging technologies positioned to disrupt current approaches to doing business. Such technologies include augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, machine learning, robotics, and computer vision/facial recognition. Attendees will engage with technology that can be implemented across key business areas such as manufacturing, supply chain and user experience.

“Technology, omnichannel and rapid innovation continue to play an increasingly important role in the evolution of retail, so we are excited to present Vision 2028 — in large part due to the work and insights of XRC Labs and Kantar Retail,” Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, president and CEO of NACDS said in a press release about the pavilion. “Retailers and exhibitors have the unique opportunity to strategize about how their business will operate in the future – a decade from now – in addition to focusing on the product they need to sell today.”

The following technology companies are confirmed to participate in Vision 2028:

AdhereTech — Smart, wireless pill bottles that collect and send all adherence data in real-time. The system automatically analyzes the information and populates the data in a secure dashboard. If doses are missed, patients receive customizable alerts and interventions via automated phone calls, text messages and more.

Facenote — Facial identification platform to recognize customers in real time, identifying loyal customers and giving them special treatment. Unlike existing solutions, that require a development team and special hardware, this platform only needs a webcam or mobile device in the store for customers to be remembered.

Feelter — Smart widget for online shopping that serves customers valuable social information on products. The result is an increase in conversion, engagement, and time on site – and reduced bounce rates. Customers see authentic, relevant reviews about products pulled from social networks to make an informed purchase decision without ever having to leave a company’s site.

Forge — Empowers retailers and other businesses to offer the same flexibility that ride-share drivers have for their hourly workforce. Forge provides scheduling software, a performance rating tool to track high-quality employees, and a verified talent pool of additional workers to hire, ensuring supply and demand of labor are met during peaks and lulls of business.

InVRsion — Realistic, customized virtual reality experiences for B2B businesses. Retail space simulator ShelfZone reproduces the store environment by overlaying data onto products, shelves, and zones to support inventory merchandising (view a data-enhanced 3D planogram). Integrated behavior analysis helps design new systems for ecommerce and market research.

LogistiVIEW — Enterprise augmented reality solutions that solve real-world business challenges. The VIEW Platform manages and tracks the execution of repeatable tasks with minimal loss of human efficiency, ensuring a business can have a safer, more productive, and more accurate logistics workforce.

Neura — Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology that enables apps and devices to deliver experiences that adapt to who their users are, and react to what they do throughout the day. The digital health focus is on disease management, medication adherence and wellness – with the ultimate goal of improving the consumer’s health at each critical moment.

VirtualApt — Augmented reality and virtual reality for real spaces. Using proprietary technology, including robots that autonomously navigate and capture 360 degree video, they create the experience of a moving or guided tour of a space (e.g. retail location, real estate). All experiences are web-based and viewable to a global audience in multiple languages.

WiserTogether — Consumer-focused healthcare IT solutions that advance clinical and financial outcomes, and patient satisfaction results. The Return to Health platform empowers consumers to be a true partner in the healthcare process; it circumvents immense amounts of medical data on the Internet and in the market for guidance on the most effective treatment options.

Retail and technology thought leader Kantar Retail returns to the innovation pavilion this year. Kantar Retail is a leading retail and shopper insight, consulting and analytics and technology business, part of Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP.

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