Must-See Sessions at ASHP Midyear 2018


ASHP’s 2018 Midyear Clinical Meeting is set to begin, and Pharmacy Times will be on site covering it.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) 2018 Midyear Clinical Meeting is right around the corner, and Pharmacy Times® will be on site in Anaheim, California, to cover the conference.

Midyear 2018 will take place December 2 to 6, so be sure to watch for Pharmacy Times’ daily newsletters, online conference coverage, and social-media updates. Here are 6 sessions to look for in our coverage of this year’s meeting:

1. Opening Session

To formally kick off Midyear, this opening session will feature a keynote address by retired basketball legend Magic Johnson, who will share his story as an HIV/AIDS advocate.

2. Managing Opioid Use Disorder and Reducing Opioid Overprescribing

This session will address the growing opioid abuse epidemic and explore the pharmacist’s role in mitigating this crisis.

3. From Pillboxes to Smart Pills: How Digital Health Is Changing Medication Adherence

With emerging technology proving key to the evolution of health care, this session will discuss the expanding role of digital health in improving medication adherence.

4. Pharmacy Forecast 2019: Trends That Will Shape Your Future

This session will explore the most important changes to the health care landscape that pharmacists can expect to see in the near future.

5. Healing Our Healers: When Mental Health Interferes With Performance

Pharmacists play a crucial role in helping patients maintain their mental health, but they, too, can be affected by anxiety, burnout, and depression. This session will discuss the impact that mental illness among health care staff can have on patient care.

6. Results from the 2018 ASHP National Survey: The Current State of Pharmacy Practice in Hospitals and Health Systems

Want to know more about what health system pharmacists think about the state of pharmacy practice? This session will outline the results of the 2018 ASHP National Survey and describe how these results can be used to effect change in health systems.

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