Most Urban Employees Have a Serious Work Ethic


Do you slack off during rotations, or do you pull more than your own weight?

Do you slack off during rotations, or do you pull more than your own weight?

New York Magazine recently polled 100 New Yorkers at a subway stop to see how they viewed their own work ethic.

In the survey, 24% of respondents said they “goofed off” more than they should at work, while 76% said they did not. Some of the distractions took the form of texting, online shopping, and social media.

In general, however, respondents reported having a serious work ethic. About two-thirds said they thought other people were lazier than they are, while 10% said others were more industrious than they were, and 30% said others were about the same as them.

One reason offered for working too much: “I pick up the slack of the lazy people.”

A very slight majority of respondents worked between 41 and 50 hours a week, with the next most common answer being 31 to 40 hours a week.

Two-thirds of the respondents said they received paid vacation, and 71% said they took all or most of their vacation days.

The majority (60%) said they deserved more money than what they were making now, while 40% said they did not.

Respondents said working part-time from home, a better commute, more responsibility, a nap area, a new boss, and less responsibility would make them happier at work.

Aspirations if they could quit their job ranged from ambitious to lazy. One person reported wanting to “play games and throw quarters at people,” while another wished to learn new languages and cook delicious meals.

France’s work attitude was most admired by respondents, with Greece pulling up the rear.

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