More Show Than Real Change?


A Wall Street Journal article highlights the more active role being played by pharmacists in some chain drug stores, but many other pharmacists have experienced no change in their roles.

The Pharmacist Is In and Nudging You to Take Your Pills” was the headline in a recent Wall Street Journal article posted under “The Informed Patient” column. The story focused on pharmacists at both Walgreens and CVS Caremark who are working directly with patients to help them adhere to their medications.

It is nice to see a newspaper headline that includes the pharmacist and gives a positive image of our changing role. So, does this story suggest that even corporate pharmacies recognize that the pharmacist’s role needs to change—and they are now experimenting with new roles and different ways to employ pharmacists in their stores?

I think it represents some very positive changes occurring in the profession. However, I can imagine some pharmacists currently working in stores where these new roles have not been implemented yet questioning whether this is an example of more show than real change. What do you think?

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