Mitigating Risks in the Pharmacy


In this clip, Pharmacy Times' Ed Cohen interviews' IQVIA representative Miranda Rochol about the company's services for pharmacists.

In this clip, Pharmacy Times' Ed Cohen interviews' IQVIA representative Miranda Rochol about the company's services for pharmacists.


Ed Cohen: Welcome today.

Miranda Rochol: I am the director of pharmacy strategy at IQVIA. IQVIA has been in the pharmacy industry since 1954, so a very long time. My division focuses on prescriber solutions that are impactful from a pharmacy audit reduction strategy. Some of the sterategies we provide include prescriber reference data, validation services, monitoring services, and other ways to can avoid fines and audits.

Cohen: We're really excited to hear more about those products and services. How does the OneKey Pharmacy suite of solution mitigate those risks?

Rochol: The OneKey Pharmacy suite of solutions helps to mitigate risks by having a few different products integrated into the pharmacy workflow. The first one we have is what we call central prescriber, or an identification on the prescriber. So when the pharmacy technician is doing prescription input, they need to put the doctor of record into the computer system. They'll use our prescriber data, and attach it to the documentation. We have around 2.5 million prescribers in that database so they can access any prescriber in the country so we can make sure they are active and valid and can write a prescription.

We then want to make sure that prescriber they selected can write an application for the NDC they are filling for. They'll send us a prescription through an API transaction, and we'll answer this question at a high level: "can this prescriber write for this NDC?" We'll give them an answer back in real time, and we will allow them to write that prescription should they so choose. We also offer a solution called medical license monitor so that the pharmacy and the technicians (for licensed and unlicensed employees) are able to be behind the counter filling scripts. It's something to help monitor state licences, and looks at DEA, NPI, OIG, all the inclusions, and monitor technicans for licensure. Then finally we have some other services, like a look up tool to go online and log in and look up as much ainformation as they want and some other services they can do too.

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