Mislabeled Mucinex Cold and Cough Syrups Recalled


Four fast-acting liquid Mucinex medicines have been voluntarily recalled by RB due to mislabeling.

Four fast-acting liquid Mucinex medicines have been voluntarily recalled by RB due to mislabeling.

While the front of Mucinex Fast-Max Night Time Cold & Flu, Mucinex Fast-Max Cold & Sinus, Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion & Cough, and Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu & Sore Throat bottles correctly label the products and list all active ingredients, RB said the corresponding drug facts label on the back may not be correct--

The manufacturer alerted that this mislabeling could cause consumers taking these OTC cold, cough, and flu medications to ingest undeclared levels of acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, phenylephrine, and/or diphenhydramine.

As a result, consumers would not be adequately warned of the side effects and risks associated with ingesting those active ingredients, which could lead to health complications requiring urgent care, especially with acetaminophen use in patients with liver problems or those taking other medications containing the ingredient.

RB is advising consumers to dispose of any unused recalled Mucinex liquid medicines by mixing them with an unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds, placing the mixture in a container such as a sealed plastic bag, and then throwing the container into the trash.

The manufacturer and the FDA ask those who experience adverse reactions or quality problems with the use of the recalled products to report to the MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail, or by fax.

Those who have purchased the recalled products can also contact the RB MUCINEX FAST-MAX recall toll free number at 1-888-943-4215 between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time with any questions or to speak with a representative, and should refer to the website www.mucinex.com/recall for accurate drug facts information.

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