May 09


May 2009

Dear CVS/pharmacy colleagues,

Welcome to another customized edition of Pharmacy Times for CVS pharmacists-the special Digestive Health Issue. Inside this issue, you will find valuable information on clinical and patient care trends. We are pleased to bring you this edition of Pharmacy Times as part of the dynamic, education-based partnership between CVS and Pharmacy Times. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date and to provide you with current, compelling information on all aspects of pharmacy through this subscription to Pharmacy Times.

Pharmacy Times includes valuable information that will assist you every day, especially while counseling patients. Important information can be found in each issue in Patient Education, Pharmacist to Pharmacist, and Continuing Education (CE) articles, among many others. For example, this issue contains a Patient Education article entitled A Word on Heartburn, as well as 2 Pharmacist to Pharmacist articles entitled Considerations for Proton Pump Inhibitor Utilization and Overcoming Barriers to Injecting Medications: A Dilemma for Patients.

Other valuable features include an Rx Focus article entitled Barrett's Esophagus: Keeping It at Bay and the Top 200 Prescription Drugs of 2008. In addition, the May issue includes a Counseling Focus article entitled Tips for Heartburn Self-Treatment, and an OTC Focus article on OTC Drugs and Pregnancy.

This May issue also includes the CE program entitled Strategies for Improving Compliance in Patients on HIV Medications. You can access your free CE articles on the Pharmacy Times Web site by means of an easy, 4-step process. Simply:

  • Go to the Pharmacy Times home page.
  • Click on the CVS logo.
  • Log in to identify yourself as a CVS pharmacist.
  • When prompted for the registration code, enter CVS0602.

Processing your CE examinations online is easier than ever because you have access to immediate grading, and you can instantly download and print your statement of credit on passing the course. You may submit your CE examinations by mail as well.

Look for letters similar to this one in every issue of Pharmacy Times. They will include important communications from members of the CVS/pharmacy team as well. We hope you enjoy your subscription to Pharmacy Times.


David W. Purdy, RPh

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations

To take CVS Continuing Education lessons, please visit the Pharmacy Times secure Continuing Education page.Please click here to view the October CVS custom edition of Pharmacy Times in its entirety.

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