Manchester University College of Pharmacy


The mission of Manchester University College of Pharmacy is to create tomorrow's pharmacists who have a positive influence on the lives of patients and their communities.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Founded: 2010

Class Size: Around 73

The mission of Manchester University College of Pharmacy is to create tomorrow’s pharmacists who have a positive influence on the lives of patients and their communities.

With its first class enrolled in 2012, the college is new and its students are diverse. Almost 18% of its student body is an underrepresented minority, and 60% come from out-of-state.

Since its inception, the college has celebrated a few milestones, including moving into a new, 82,000-square-feet facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The school also received a gift of $35 million from Lilly Endowment Inc.

In an interview with Pharmacy Times, Manchester University College of Pharmacy vice president and dean Raylene M. Rospond described the program as a learning community made up of faculty, staff, and students.

“Our goal is to create a learning environment where all can maximize their potential, be valued as an individual, and grow into a socially responsible member of the health care team,” she said.

Manchester University focuses on a holistic approach to pharmacy education that values patient-centered commitment, service, diversity, cultural responsibility, and sensitivity. These values manifest in our program through a faculty-student mentor program, an annual service learning requirement, professional and academic certifications, and an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all student pharmacists, faculty, and staff.

What is the teaching style or philosophy?

Active engagement in learning is the philosophy of our program. A commitment to integrated learning is the hallmark of the curriculum. Faculty employs a wide spectrum of approaches, including team-based learning, flipped classrooms, competency-based skills development and assessment, standardized patient encounters, and interprofessional learning.

What are some community outreach activities or programs the school participates in?

Manchester University has an Office of Service Opportunities that engages with community partners to identify faculty and student opportunities for personal and professional growth through volunteerism.

Faculty and students collaborate on service opportunities such as Kidney Camp, diabetes initiatives, science fairs, and science museum educational events. Student professional organizations develop and implement numerous community outreach activities including health fairs, health screenings, and various educational events.

All Manchester students become certified immunizers, providing additional opportunities to impact community health through participation in various immunization clinics. Students are required to complete 2 community service events each semester, but the students at Manchester are committed to service and are engaged in community service far beyond expectations.

What opportunities do students have for internships or co-ops?

Internships with a wide variety of health care entities are available to students. Students are able to participate in a formal internship interview day at the Fort Wayne campus each year. Community partnerships and experiential learning opportunities within both didactic and introductory pharmacy practice experiences also provide opportunities for additional internship experiences.

As you approach graduation, my advice is to maximize your opportunities. This is only the beginning of your professional development so look for ways to continue to learn and grow.

Identify community needs and consider developing a position to help your community meet those needs. This may lead to your employment with nonprofit agencies, health care systems, and accountable care organizations.

Your goal should be to integrate into our evolving health care system with the goal of playing an active role in creating healthy communities. Make an impact!

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